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The Stressless History & Heritage
Stressless Brochure

Crafting furniture is wound deeply in the Ekornes Nordic family roots and is evident in everything Stressless produce. It is a craftsmanship perfected by the Ekornes family over time. Fine furniture is an art passed down from generation to generation with a rich history of trials and tribulations. After all, designing the most comfortable seating in the world did not just happen overnight.

Creating the ultimate comfort experience has taken decades to perfect. Born from necessity and opportunity, Sykkylven is the epicenter of Norway’s furniture manufacturing industry and home to Ekornes for more than 80 years. The town’s magnificent land with breathtaking views and serene natural beauty is where a revolution of Scandinavian design began.

Stressless Founder

The practice of building fine Norwegian furniture was the outcome of lineage rights in this small farming community. It all started with second sons. These were the sons who would not inherit the family farm and were left with no way to provide for families of their own. They took the resources they had and went inside to the barns where they started building furniture. They became designers and engineers, played with art and science and over time they mastered the clean, streamlined and functional designs iconic to Norwegian home décor.

Like Sykkylven’s second sons, our founder, Jens Ekornes, combined practical knowledge with functional design to create furniture perfectly engineered for the human body. Today, Ekornes is the largest furniture manufacturer in the Nordic region and continues to produce its products at home in Sykkylven to preserve a history of which we are so proud. By pairing the perfected processes of generations ago with modern enhancements and technological advancements, we continue to create a product of luxury, quality and class.

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